Seattle Ruby Jobs in Beta

What is this site? Seattle Ruby Jobs is Seattle's best source for finding and posting Ruby on Rails work. Jobs posted here by submitted companies, startups, and recruiters, all looking for talented developers. Listings are also aggregated and posted here by us from sources like craigslist. Our goal is to be the one place you need to go to find and post Rails work in the Seattle area.

Who runs this site? This site is a service of the Seattle Ruby on Rails Meetup Group. The project is lead by Seattle Ruby on Rails Meetup Group founder Erfon Elijah. It was built by Troy "Rails Wizard" Anderson, and our logo and site design is courtesy of Dave "Pixel Pusher" Laird.

Is this site free to post to? Yes. It is currently 100% free and will continue be so for the foreseeable future, though we may eventually choose to charge a little something.

How does this site work? Jobs are listed here on the site and also delivered to your email address once a week. If at any point you decide you'd like to stop receiving our email, you can unsubscribe at any time.